Subseed launches Jolly Talker Birthday, an interactive greeting card app.

The designers comment,"We are filling a gap in the market for greeting card apps, by targeting people that are more comfortable with 'talking' rather than 'writing'.

"There's something so nice about hearing people sing happy birthday over the phone or, seeing the birthday person blow out the candles and making a wish."

This formed the foundation that sparked the idea for the creators to design a birthday card app with a twist.

The interface is so simple and intuitive, that even children can participate in the fun and magic of creating a birthday message.

Subseed is a product design studio that specializes in the development of ideas and design within the toy and game industry for companies such as LEGO, Moose and Hasbro.

Subseed are now focusing on using their creative talents in developing apps for the smart phone market.

The founders of Subseed, Mic & Nicky, both studied at Monash University in Melbourne, and have a degree in Bachelor of Technology Industrial Design. Since then they have both been working within this industry for the past 14 years.

They work primarily for large companies, but also offer their creative services to smaller businesses.